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Dye Ink Pads

Dye Ink Pads

Dye ink is quick-drying, which means you can work quickly and still achieve nice crisp and clear stamped images. Dye ink absorbs into the paper or cardstock you are using, and will lighten up a bit as it dries. Unlike pigment inks, you can use dye ink on glossy surfaces without the need to heat set it to dry, however highly absorbent surfaces (such as mulberry paper) should be avoided because as the ink absorbs into the paper you may lose the crisp image you are attempting to create.

Because of the fast drying time, dye inks cannot be used with embossing powder. If you are using your inks in combination with water or water-based products such as paints, dye ink is not recommended because the ink will react with water which will cause it to fade and run.


Butter - Lawn Fawndamentals

Butter Ink Pad -  Stempelkissen - Lawn Fawndamentals

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