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Lawn Fawn - Tiny Gift Box Dies

Lawn Fawn Tiny Gift Box Dies

This tiny gift box is small in size, but big on cuteness! It comes with everything you need to assemble a cute decorated gift box. This box is perfect for small gifts, advent calendars, party favors, and more. Get more options with the cute add-on dies for the tiny gift box: create bunnies, deers, racoon´s, foxes, bats, ducks, chicks peacocks and turkeys with this fun tiny little box. More.....

Shadow Box Card Rainbow Add-On - Lawn Cuts

Dies from Lawn Fawn

24,99 EUR
incl. 20% tax excl. Shipping costs
1 to 19 (from a total of 19)

Lawn Fawn Tiny Gift Box - tiny but great in coolness!

With the Tiny Gift Box Add-On dies, your Lawn Fawn Gift Box becomes a little rabbit, a fox, a raccoon, a reindeer, a chick, a bat, a cute little duck, a peacock or even more of cute little critters. And for Christmas there are even adorable hats and caps that fit perfectly on the mini box and its extensions. Come and see for yourself and become part of the Tiny Gift Box fan community!