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Copic Ink Refill

COPIC INK - the innovatove refill Ink

Copic has further developed the refill ink Copic Ink. With the Copic Ink you can refill Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, Copic Classic and Copic Wide Markers. Copic Ink is water-free and quick-drying and can also be used for airbrush work, classic sketching, drawing and coloring with pen and brush or for Alcohol Ink Art. Available in the usual Copic color palette, the new COPIC INK in the round 12ml bottle allows you to work quickly and cleanly. The long nozzle enables precise and controlled refilling and application of the colours. The new Copic Ink bottle is made of transparent material, making it easy to read the level. The Copic Ink comes in bottles with colored caps that match the actual tints contained. The packaging is fully recyclable* (may vary depending on local guidelines).

Quick and easy to refill

The Copic Ink nozzle is designed to reach the ink reservoir inside the marker. This enables smooth and quick refilling.
How does refilling work with Copic Ink?

  • Pull off both marker caps
  • Use the tweezers to pull the broad tip out of the shaft
  • Insert the nozzle into the center of the marker and refill the ink by gently squeezing the bottle
  • When finished, reinsert the tip

Copic Ink - Refill ink NEW designed

Quality, durability and sustainability have been part of the Copic DNA since its introduction in 1987. Since then, Copic colors have often been the first choice for painters, creative teachers, poster artists, color tints etc. Even back then, the very first Copic marker was designed with a refill tank. With the help of users around the world, the Copic brand has significantly reduced waste and the use of plastic for over 30 years. With a commitment to further minimize the environmental footprint and encourage more users to refill, the Copic brand has now introduced the innovative Copic Ink. The new design enables fast and clean work, precision and control, e.g. for alcohol ink art. The long nozzle allows the colors to be applied easily. Copic Ink is water-free and quick-drying and can also be used for airbrush work or classic sketching and drawing with pen and brush