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COPIC Sketch

COPIC Sketch Marker - Huge selection of colors as far as the eye can see!

The COPIC Sketch is famous for its unique “Super Brush” brush tip. The soft and smooth brush application with a pointed stroke produces loose designs and sketches. The 358 shades available are marked with a systematic color code for easy identification. You can find this on the colored caps and body of your COPIC sketch markers, marked to be abrasion-resistant. This makes it easy for you to maintain a (color) overview when working and colouring!

You can find the pens sorted according to the following color groups in the product groups listed below. Simply select the product group and then the color code.
Copic Farbgruppen
COPIC Sketch single colors

358 colors that bring illustrations to life with their luminosity. The fantastic alcohol-based ink can be mixed with each other to create an infinite color palette. It is non-toxic + almost odorless, dries quickly + does not smudge. COPIC Sketch Markers can be refilled with COPIC VARIOUS INK in identical colors up to 12 times per bottle. This is cost-saving, economical + environmentally friendly. All available shades are marked with a systematic color code for easy identification.

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